Culinary Classes for Kids

Tasty explorations into different cultures & healthy eating through small

hands-on cooking classes.


We will explore the world of flavors and traditions through food, learning globally inspired recipes and fun facts along the way.


Kids will learn new cooking skills and fun kitchen tricks preparing healthy dishes with influences from around the world. They will get to eat their delicious creations and bring home samples to share.


Heart to Hand is a nurturing environment where kids can be creative, discuss and implement new idea's and develop their kitchen skills and confidence. Kids will leave feeling inspired to cook, create and be inventive in their own kitchens with family and friends.

Classes will be small and hands-on.


The general format for each session will be as follows:

  • Light healthy communal snack with discussions centered around the "recipe of the day's" origin along with fun facts about an ingredient/s
  • Preparation of recipe with hands-on instruction
  • Clean-up and table setting
  • Communal sit down and sampling of our dish with continued discussions

During the course of the sessions will also learn and touch on some of the following:

  • Cooking techniques
  • Kitchen safety
  • Food/flavor pairings
  • Fun kitchen tricks/hacks 
  • Composting and creative ways to use the food by-products from some of our recipes




“Iris has really enjoyed cooking club and has been so excited to share and talk about what she has made. This has been really great!”

-- Erin (parent)


“Eva absolutely loves cooking club. I've been recommending it to everyone.”

-- Angela (parent)


“Thrilled to see Lily’s work yesterday. Thank you for putting an extraordinary amount of work and beauty into the cooking club!  We were very touched to see that you allowed Lily to play with shells and pebbles and flowers -- she loves that kind of decorative accent so much.”

-- Lorrie (parent)


“Owen is very serious about his cooking – he loves it! He is now teaching Anja and Eli (his younger sister and brother) – he taught everyone how to make sushi.”

-- Tina (parent) 

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