Spring After School Culinary Classses

Date: April 4 - June 15, 2018

Days: Monday, Wednesday; Friday

Time: 3.30 - 6pm (PAS pick up at 3pm)

Grade: 2-5

Cost: $450 per session


Welcome to our After School Culinary Program:


In each session kids will learn new cooking and baking techniques in small hands-on classes. Along with knife skills, kitchen safety and nutrition we will also learn about the origin and history of ingredients and recipes. We will work at mastering different culinary techniques, explore new flavors and dishes and incorporate creativity, recipe development, composting and more into the classes. Kids will leave with renewed confidence, feeling empowered and inspired to cook and create in their own kitchens. 


In each class kids will taste everything they make and bring samples and recipes home to share with family.


Each session will end with the kids preparing and hosting a buffet style tasting for parents to come and enjoy.


To pay via check please email sam@hearttohand.info


To register and pay online please click below




“Iris has really enjoyed cooking club and has been so excited to share and talk about what she has made. This has been really great!”

-- Erin (parent)


“Eva absolutely loves cooking club. I've been recommending it to everyone.”

-- Angela (parent)


“Thrilled to see Lily’s work yesterday. Thank you for putting an extraordinary amount of work and beauty into the cooking club!  We were very touched to see that you allowed Lily to play with shells and pebbles and flowers -- she loves that kind of decorative accent so much.”

-- Lorrie (parent)


“Owen is very serious about his cooking – he loves it! He is now teaching Anja and Eli (his younger sister and brother) – he taught everyone how to make sushi.”

-- Tina (parent) 

T: +1 267 4085769 +1 267 4085769
E: sam@hearttohand.info

Location: 4501 Spruce Street

Philadelphia, PA 19139


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